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It’s All About Private Plates

Personalised number plates are becoming more and more popular and it is estimated that 1 in 8 cars now have a personalised number plate. In Britain alone a record £87 million in 2007 was spent on personalised number plates. There has been quite an increase since 1997 when £36 million was spent – an increase of £51 million over 10 years.


Why so popular?
There are two many reasons why the cherished number plates are in fact so cherished and one is because its a great investment and two it gives the car a more personal touch.

The most paid for a personalised number plate was at an auction for a staggering £254,000. Although cars depreciate from the moment they are taken off the forecourt of a car sales garage personalised number plates don’t. The cherished plates hold a historic value and in fact appreciate over time which is why they can be a great investment.

The less letters and numbers a number plate has holds the most value as there are fewer combinations making them more individual and more popular. There is also a general opinion that they look better as well.

The only problem you can have when buying a personalised number plate is trying to decide which one you want as there are so many to choose from. For investment purposes it is advised to pick letters which are popular as they will be easier to sell if you choose to do so in the future. If you get really attached with a number plate it can be something which is passed down through the family and perhaps generations to come.

Many people choose to have their number plates made specific to either their surname or hobbies such as LUV 6OIF. There are over 60 graphics to choose from so picking your number plate allows your to really use your imagination and can speak volumes about a person. Whether you pick a rude, funny or personal plate personalised plate they show that you have a healthy ego, are generally outgoing and of course they are a sign of wealth.

Another great thing about cherished number plates is that they make great presents for loved ones. Especially if they have a love for their car as it will make the car stand out even more and become instantly recognisable to their friends.

If you are interested in finding out more information or placing an order for your very own personalised number plate visit Ask-Reg buy and sell cherished number plates and allows you to search over 30 million plates!

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